People in the Superconducting Materials Group


Professor Chris Grovenor
Fellow of St Anne's College

Tel: +44 1865 273737

Dr Prof. Susannah Speller
Associate Professor in Materials, Fellow of St Catherines’s College

Tel: +44 1865 273734


Dr Tayebeh Mousavi
PhD in Mat. Eng. (Oxford University)
MSc in Mat. Eng. (Isfahan University of Technology)
BSc in Mat. Eng. (Iran University of Science and Technology)
Characterization of Superconducting Joints and Fe-chalcogenide Thin Films





Mrs Juliana Mohd Janurudin
MSc in Electrical and Computer. Eng. (Graduate School of Tokyo Denki University
BSc in Electrical and Computer Eng. (Tokyo Denki University)
4th Year DPhil Student
Synthesis of Metamaterials







Mr Jiale Wang
BSc in Physics. (South University of Science and Technology of China)
1st Year DPhil Student
Microstructural Studies of Novel Superconductors








Past Members

Dr Greg Brittles (2012-2016)
Mr Will Darby (2015-2016)
Dr Canan Aksoy (Visitor 2014-2015)
Miss Amy Goodfellow (2013-2014)
Miss Huihui Song (Visitor 2012-2013)
Mr Rory Barker (2011-2012)
Mr Faraz Sayed (2010-2011)
Mr Hugh Taylor (2009-2010)
Mr Sam Roots (2008-2009)
Dr Sofia Latif (2002-2009)
Mr Andrew Searle (2007-2008)
Dr Claire Dancer(2004-2008)
Dr Richard Whiteley (2001-2005)

Dr Chris Dark (2002-2005)


Also see list of our recent collaborators.

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